Smart Game Booster 5

Boost FPS and GPU for smoother gaming experience in one click.
Improve PC Performance
Gain In-Game FPS
Boost GPU
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V5.2.0 | 60.2Mb | Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP

One Click to Boost PC for Better Gaming

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FPS booster made for smoother gaming

Smart Game Booster enables higher FPS by unlocking full potential of CPU&GPU to achieve smoother animations with less tearing and lower system latency. Gaming experience will be greatly enhanced with a simple click on the “boost” button. You could also modify overclocking by ticking options whichever needs a boost in setting.

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Optimize PC to avoid frequent crashes

Smart Game Booster manages to stabilize your PC system to prevent frequent crashes. It will also automatically boost your PC into gaming mode by disabling background programs, releasing more disk space and updating drivers to date.

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Protect game account from hackers

Malware, system and password hackers may access your system and track your online trading traces. Smart Game Booster features in Anti-virus and Firewall protection to protect your system. Besides, a simple scan can help remove potential threats of privacy leaks thus protect your game account.

In-Tool Features for Peak Game Performance

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Super Boost

Provides ultimate Overclock for a maximized FPS increase

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FPS& Temp Monitor

Monitor and display in-game FPS and hardware temperature

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System Optimizer

Clean up system and defrag game to achieve faster boot and game loading

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Can I Run it

Search games collecting from distributors like Steam, Uplay and Origin and match your system with compatible ones

smart game booster
PC Game Recorder

Set you own hot keys and easily capture or record during game time

smart game boost
Free Driver Updater

Update graphic and audio device drivers to increase resolution and sound quality

Media Review

User Review

game booster gratuit

Smart Game Booster is a nifty application that enables you to perform these optimizations with a single mouse click, and then restore the standard configuration when the gaming session has ended. Additionally, it allows you to perform various system tweaks, as well as monitor temps are framerate in-game.

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Ritvars Auniņš

Smart Game Booster is awesome, boosts my FPS more than any other app, but that's not the only thing, so called ''Guard'' gives security and Diagnosis which is pretty handy tool, best of them"Can i run it", it shows also games u can play on your PC, that's the feature i've been looking for, but nowhere to be found, but here it is.

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The pc game booster, have helped my pc increase it's fps.It's a good product that helps you with keeping your drivers updated and gives you tips and tricks about how you can improve your gaming experience. I can totally recommend it!

booster pc gratuit
Savas Michelios

It is very nice and easy to use. The functions are not buggy at all. The design is fantastic. The sliding bar with temperature and usage is a very nice idea. Overall i love this version of Game Booster. Im a huge fan.

Smart Game Booster5

The Best Game Booster and Windows System Optimizer for Peak PC Performance

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V5.0.1 | 60.2Mb | Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP

Download Smart Game Booster to enjoy a better gaming experience

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